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Specialising in Solutions 

Leojen Coating Solutions

Leojen Coating Solutions is a Select Company Specialising in Solutions for Construction, New Build and Existing Properties Including the Following Areas: 

  • Synthetic Resin Flooring Systems 

  • Concrete Repair 

  • Joint Sealing 

  • Water Proofing and Tanking

  • Levelling Compound

  • Surface Preparation 

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Our Services


Floor Coatings

Including: Epoxy Resin Paint and Self Levelling Screed (Smooth and Non-Slip), Decorative Coatings and Line Marking 


Water Proofing & Tanking

Including: Active Leeks, Crack Injection and Buried Membranes 

Joint Sealing

Including: Construction and Expansion Joints


Levelling Compound

Including: Domestic and Commercial Properties

Concrete Repair 

Including: Replacement, Restoring and Renewing Existing Concrete Surfaces


Surface Preparation 

Including: Crack and Joint Repair, Patching, Levelling and Mechanical Abrasion  


COVID-19 Resistant
Floor Coating

Including: Hospitals, Dental, Schools and Food Preparation Areas


Quick Curing Floor Coating

Including: Fast Cure Resin for Fast Turn Around

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